2016 Communications Contest Entries

    Chesapeake Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association



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     Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent's Blog: Deliberate Excellence Blog description goes here




    Isle of Wight County Schools
    Superintendent’s Blog: May 2016, Jan 12016
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    Harford County Public Schools                                                            The Judy Center Brochure


    Baltimore County Public Schools                                                         BCPS China Cultural Exchange Program


    Frederick County Public Schools (VA)                                                 2015-2016 Fast Facts


    Frederick County Public Schools (VA)                                                 2015 – 2016 School Emergency Guide For Parents


    Newport News Public Schools                                                              You’ve Got Options in Newport News Public Schools: BrochureFlyers


    Spotsylvania Public Schools                                                                  HR Recruitment brochureHR Recruitment card





    Arlington Public Schools                                                                           2015 – 2016 Staff Calendar


    Baltimore County Public Schools                                                              BCPS Information Calendar


    Harford County Public Schools                                                                 Parent-Student Handbook Calendar


    Fairfax County Public Schools                                                                  FCPS CTE Calendar


    Talbot County Public Schools                                                                   2015 – 2016 School Calendar 



    Financial Information


    Chesterfield County Public Schools                                                        FY17 Financial Plan Highlights


    Frederick County Public Schools (VA)                                                   FY17 Budget Document 



    Baltimore County Public Schools                                                           2015 – 2016 Student Handbook


    Charles County Public Schools                                                               2015 – 2016 Parent Handbook/Calendar


    Chesterfield County Public Schools                                                        CCPS Parent Handbook


    Chesterfield County Public Schools                                                        CCPS Health Handbook




    Op Ed


    Baltimore County Public Schools                                                         Annual Budget – Baltimore Sun Op Ed


    Frederick County Public Schools (VA)                                                Waterman Open Forum Editorial




    Social Media


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                      Digital Learning DayTweet Reach


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                      Black History Month Campaign: Overview, VideoCampaign Results


    Baltimore County Public Schools                                                         Team BCPS Day


    Bedford County Public Schools                                                           Snow Day Song: Facebook post


    Charlottesville City Schools                                                                 Weather Notifications for Social Media: Facebook Post 1, Facebook Post 2, Facebook Post 3, Facebook Post 4


    Chesterfield County Public Schools                                                     CCPS Facebook Page


    Fairfax County Public Schools                                                             #SaveFCPS: Facebook post 1, Facebook post 2, Twitter post 1, Twitter post 2


    Frederick County Public Schools (MD)                                               FCPS Voices: Overview, Class of 2016 Voices 1, Class of 2016 Voices 2, Class of 2016 Voices 3, Class of 2016 Voices 4




    Special Event


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                     Anniversary of the Integration of Stratford Jr. High: Campaign Results, Mini-communications Plan, ProgramPress Release


    Baltimore County Public Schools                                                       4th Annual State of the Schools


    Frederick County Public Schools (MD)                                              CommUNITY Forum on Education: Flyer, Panelist Talking Points, Community Survey Form, Community Survey ResultsDiagram for FCC


    Hanover County Public Schools                                                          Education Expo Campaign: t-shirt mock uptri-foldposterpress release


    Newport News Public Schools                                                            SPARK - Summer Program for Arts, Recreation and Knowledge: Ad, Certificate, Community Forum Handout, Thank You SignRegistration Form


    Newport News Public Schools                                                            Teacher of the Year Banquet (TOY): TOY Program, TOY Invite, TOY Reply CardsTOY Ad


    Newport News Public Schools                                                            Engineering Design Challenge - Coastal Thrill: Program, BookData Sheet


    Newport News Public Schools                                                            Exemplary Support Staff of the Year (SOY): Program, SOY Invite, SOY Certificate, SOY BannerAd


    Newport News Public Schools                                                            Engineering Design Challenge – Mighty Movers: Program, Blueprint, Exploration Sheet 1, Exploration Sheet 2Soil Investigation Sheet


    Newport News Public Schools                                                            Engineering Design Challenge – River Rescue: Program, Worksheet, Invite, Research JournalBooklet


    Newport News Public Schools                                                            Engineering Design Challenge – Shore to Store: Program, Map, Half SheetFact Card


    Spotsylvania County Public Schools                                                  Get Your Game On          




    Special Campaign


    Baltimore County Public Schools                                                          Back to School Involves You, Too! Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4, Article 5


    Chesterfield County Public Schools                                                        Grading Practices/Elementary Report Card change: Overview, Grade K, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4


    Williamsburg – James City County Public Schools                               The Pathways Project at Warhill overview, Video 1, Video 2The Pathways Project at Warhill brochure





    Special Publication


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       2015-2016 Annual Report


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       Academic Infographic (print copy – 66)


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       2015 – 2016 APS Handbook (printed copy – 67)


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       Superintendent’s Proposed Budget At-a-Glance (printed copy – 68)


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       The Citizen Community Newsletter: Nov/Dec 2015, Jan/Feb 2016 (printed copies – 69)


    Baltimore County Public Schools                                                           2015 – 2016 State of the Schools


    Chesapeake Public Schools                                                                     Dollar$ and $en$e: January 2016February 2016


    Frederick County Public Schools (VA)                                                   2015 – 2016 Annual Report


    Hanover County Public Schools                                                             Superintendent’s Post-Immersion Report 


    Hanover County Public Schools                                                             VSBA CTE Poster 


    Newport News Public Schools                                                               Signs of Success in Newport News Public Schools: Poster, Report, Ad, Half PageWay to Go Card


    Newport News Public Schools                                                               WE LEAP - Wonderful Extended Learning, Enrichment & Advancement Program: School Supply Mailer, Programs Overview, Registration Form, Passports


    Talbot County Public Schools                                                                 2015 TCPS Annual Report


    Talbot County Public Schools                                                                  TCPS Educational Partnership Brochure 


    Talbot County Public Schools                                                                 TCPS Strategic Plan





    Chesterfield County Public Schools                                                  2016 Retirement Remarks


    Frederick County Public Schools (VA)                                             2015 Convocation Welcome & Keynote Address

    Westmoreland County Public Schools                                             Northern Neck Speech (printed copy) 




    Video Production or Program (TV & Streaming)                   


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       ACPS Snapshots


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       ACPS Green Scene


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       #digitalACPS – Exploring Instructional Frontiers


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       Create Your Path


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       Superintendent’s Thanksgiving Message


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       Superintendent’s Winter Message


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       Advice from 1st, 7th and 10th graders to Incoming Kindergarten, 6th and 9th graders: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       What to Expect in Kindergarten


    Arlington Public Schools                                                                       Path Towards Middle and High School: Video 1, Video 2


    Baltimore County Public Schools                                                          The Parent University Show, Summer 2016 episode


    Chesapeake Public Schools                                                                  Chesapeake R U Ready 4 Kindergarten


    Chesapeake Public Schools                                                                  Mystery Skype at Hugo Owens Middle School


    Chesterfield County Public Schools                                                     Enabling the Future


    Chesterfield County Public Schools                                                     Snow Day video


    Chesterfield County Public Schools                                                     Teacher of the Year profile


    Fairfax County Public Schools                                                             FCPS Inclement Weather video


    Frederick County Public Schools (MD)                                               Tweet of the Week Series: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5


    Frederick County Public Schools (VA)                                                Student Athlete of the Month program: Video 1, Video 2


    Frederick County Public Schools (VA)                                                The FCPS Spotlight program: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3


    Isle of Wight County Public Schools                                                     Mrs. Day’s Class at Carrollton: Learning from A (Active) to Z (Zumba) (91)


    Talbot County Public Schools                                                              First Day Video




    Website Home Page


    Baltimore County Public Schools                                                          www.bcps.org


    Charlottesville City Schools                                                                 www.charlottesvilleschools.org, www.charlottesvilleschools.org/calendar


    Frederick County Public Schools (VA)                                                www.frederick.k12.va.us






    Website Subsection


    Baltimore County Public Schools                                                             www.bcps.org/growing_up_digital


    Frederick County Public Schools (MD)                                                  www.fcps.org/athletics, www.fcps.org/athletics/CMC-Spotlight.cfm, www.fcps.org/athletics/Middletown-High-cfm, www.fcps.org/athletics/sportsmanship.cfm


    York County Public Schools                                                                     YCSD HR Recruitment Microsite




    Web Publication or E-Newsletter


    Baltimore County Public Schools                                                      Team BCPS eNewsletter, Team BCPS eNewsletter


    Frederick County Public Schools (MD)                                            FCPS Insider Employee Newsletter (August 2015)


    Frederick County Public Schools (MD)                                            FCPS Insider Employee Newsletter (May 2016)


    Frederick County Public Schools (VA)                                             The Elementary Express: March 2015, May 2015


    Frederick County Public Schools (VA)                                             FCPS Focus: 09172015, 052316060616


    Frederick County Public Schools (VA)                                             FCPS Quick News: August 2015, March 2016April 2016


    Spotsylvania County Public Schools                                                 Impact Today…Vision for Tomorrow: April 2016, December 2015


    Worcester County Public Schools (MD)                                           The Key Communicator eNewsletter: Jan/Feb 2016, April 2016, June 2016