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CHESPRA's Statement on the Recent Attacks in Israel

CHESPRA's Statement on the Recent Attacks in Israel


The Chesapeake School Public Relations Association (CHESPRA) extends its deepest sympathies to everyone affected by the recent hostilities in Israel and the surrounding regions. These events have caused distress and concern within our educational communities, particularly among those with family ties or cultural connections to the areas impacted. 

Our mission at CHESPRA is to promote effective public relations practices within educational institutions across our region. In times of international conflict, our role in fostering clear, compassionate and accurate communication becomes all the more critical. 

We recognize that such global events can prompt discussions within our school communities. It is essential that these conversations are facilitated in a respectful, informed and supportive manner. To aid in this, we are providing resources and guidance to our member institutions on how to engage students and families in discussions about the recent conflicts. 

  • Acknowledging Concerns: It's vital to acknowledge and validate the concerns of students. Wars are frightening, and it's natural for students to feel scared or anxious. Begin conversations by asking what students have heard and address any misinformation. 

  • Providing Comfort and Support: When discussing conflict or war, it's essential to provide a sense of safety and support. Students look to adults for reassurance, especially in times of crisis. 

  • School Resources: Schools should be prepared to offer counseling services and have educational materials ready to help students understand the global context of these events, promoting a balanced and informed discussion. 

  • Educational Discussion: Utilize resources that assist in engaging with students of varying ages regarding challenging subjects like conflict, crisis and war. 

We encourage our members to approach this topic with sensitivity, understanding and a commitment to promoting a safe, supportive learning environment for all students and staff. 


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